A fashionable partnership

After posting earlier this week about designer Therese Rawsthorne closing her label, I started thinking about how tough it is for fledgling designers to build a successful brand. It’s possibly even more so in Australia – our small population and large distance from the rest of the world can often mean a pretty limited market – but up-and-comers face similar challenges no matter where they’re based.


Coral see

It’s a pet hate of mine: discovering an excellent new brand… only to see it close a short time later.  Sydney designer Therese Rawsthorne’s laidback tailoring provided a unique aesthetic for both her eponymous label and her TR Ensemble brand, and I was sad to see both disappear after only a few short years. – READ MORE>

Legends of the fall

Get the basics right and everything falls into place. I’m slowly working through my list of autumn essentials and today found the previously elusive pair of white jeans with magical leg-lengthening properties.

Take a bow, Current/Elliott for The Stiletto cropped style.

I also picked up a few lightweight knits to wear alone in a few weeks and layered in a few months. These days, I bypass Zara’s womenswear and head straight for the men’s department, where I found this grey leopard print sweater (to be worn with the aforementioned white skinnies). And at Bassike, I satisfied my craving for a wool jersey turtleneck, which I’ll be wearing with extra-dark indigo jeans.

Wardrobe desires, February 2014

Things are changing in Sydney at the moment, with darker mornings and a slightly crisp feeling in the air that hints that autumn is coming. It’s way too early in the season for it to be anything other than a false alarm, but it still has me thinking about what I’ll be investing in as the weather changes.

It’s all about suped-up basics for me at the moment, pieces that will fill a genuine gap in my wardrobe.

I desperately need a black shoulder bag that works for day or night and long-sleeve but lightweight black dress. I’m on a mission to find a pair of white jeans at least gives the illusion of some length to my ridiculously short legs, and a stack of fresh grey T-shirts suddenly seems essential. Wearing leather pants is one of my greatest joys in winter and a pair in charcoal seems like a fresh alternative to my usual black. Rounding things out for the transitional season are these sandals by Chloe, the perfect height and in my thoughts for a full year. I think it’s time I went for it!

What are you adding to your wardrobe to fill the mid-season gap?

Isabel Marant “Elwood” crepe dress; Skargorn T-shirt; Current/Elliott jeans; T by Alexander Wang leather pants; Chloe sandals; Alexander Wang handbag.

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