Wardrobe desires, February 2014

Things are changing in Sydney at the moment, with darker mornings and a slightly crisp feeling in the air that hints that autumn is coming. It’s way too early in the season for it to be anything other than a false alarm, but it still has me thinking about what I’ll be investing in as the weather changes.

It’s all about suped-up basics for me at the moment, pieces that will fill a genuine gap in my wardrobe.

I desperately need a black shoulder bag that works for day or night and long-sleeve but lightweight black dress. I’m on a mission to find a pair of white jeans at least gives the illusion of some length to my ridiculously short legs, and a stack of fresh grey T-shirts suddenly seems essential. Wearing leather pants is one of my greatest joys in winter and a pair in charcoal seems like a fresh alternative to my usual black. Rounding things out for the transitional season are these sandals by Chloe, the perfect height and in my thoughts for a full year. I think it’s time I went for it!

What are you adding to your wardrobe to fill the mid-season gap?

Isabel Marant “Elwood” crepe dress; Skargorn T-shirt; Current/Elliott jeans; T by Alexander Wang leather pants; Chloe sandals; Alexander Wang handbag.

11 thoughts on “Wardrobe desires, February 2014”

  1. Still seriously in Winter mode…wearing my Olympic gear, right now….BTW, who made that grey t-shirt — it looks like a nice cut. Great Sandals – go for it!

    1. The T-shirt is from a Californian brand called Skargorn. I haven’t tried it in the flesh but it seems to have a nice shape and a bit of structure to it, I don’t like T-shirts that are too clingy. I should add that it’s nowhere near leather-trouser weather here but always thinking one (or two) seasons ahead, right?

  2. Thank god, for us on the other side of the world, we’ll be looking forward to spring! I love the basics you picked, especially that tee. Looks so perfectely laidback, love it!

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