Legends of the fall

Get the basics right and everything falls into place. I’m slowly working through my list of autumn essentials and today found the previously elusive pair of white jeans with magical leg-lengthening properties.

Take a bow, Current/Elliott for The Stiletto cropped style.

I also picked up a few lightweight knits to wear alone in a few weeks and layered in a few months. These days, I bypass Zara’s womenswear and head straight for the men’s department, where I found this grey leopard print sweater (to be worn with the aforementioned white skinnies). And at Bassike, I satisfied my craving for a wool jersey turtleneck, which I’ll be wearing with extra-dark indigo jeans.

14 thoughts on “Legends of the fall”

  1. Leg lengthening properties? I need to try this jean! I have been looking for new denim so thanks! The anticipation of autumn is always a great feeling…a nice break from the heat! 😘

    1. This is my second pair of Stiletto jeans and the style is just so flattering, you should definitely look out for them. White jeans have a tendency to make my short legs look even stumpier but these ones defy the trend somehow (my boyfriend even said my legs looked “too long”, like that’s somehow a bad thing!) x

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